Texas Wine Ambassador Certification

The Texas Wine Ambassador Certification course is a one-of-a-kind course only provided by the Hill Country Wine Academy. By taking this course you will build a foundational knowledge of wine, focusing on Texas wine theory, and with the intention of developing service techniques that aim to sustain the Texas wine industry during its era of growth. Every certified Ambassador will be able to impact others with Texas-grown wine in a concise and meaningful way. In this one-day course, you will gain the skills to identify core themes of growing grapes in Texas, navigate the personal experience of tasting wine, and combat the misconception about Texas wine. A pin and certificate are awarded after receiving a passing score on the examination.

This course takes one full day to complete:
- A tasting of 9 wines and various exercises will guide our discussion.
 - There is a 30-question multiple-choice exam which requires a 60% to pass.
- Pin & certificate awarded upon passing.
- Designed to complement WSET in Wine training.

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This certification course is exclusively offered through Hill Country Wine Academy and was created to support and sustain a region during its era of explosive growth. Upcoming Courses:

Monday, June 3rd
- Texas Wine Ambassador Certification Course

Sunday, July 21st from 9am – 5pm - Texas Wine Ambassador Certification Course

Monday, September 9th from 9am – 5pm - Texas Wine Ambassador Certification Course

Tuesday, October 8th and 15th from 1pm – 5pm - Texas Wine Ambassador Certification Course

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  • Who is the Texas Wine Ambassador Course Recommended For?

    Prior level of knowledge or wine industry experience?

    There is no prior level of knowledge about wine, or specifically Texas wine, required to succeed in this course. While this course may cover some elements of wine that you may already know, this course was designed to identify the core themes of growing grapes and serving wine grown in Texas. We believe that to fully understand Texas wine as an Ambassador, you must first understand the most basic principles of wine, then add to it with Texas wine theory, and finally, know how to apply these ideas and facts in a concise and meaningful. Due to this, we invite any person regardless of prior knowledge to become a Texas Wine Ambassador.

    Who do we recommend this course for?

    Those who complete the Texas Wine Ambassador program will have a realm of real skills and knowledge that applies to many different ventures. You may find this course useful if you are:
         - A wine drinker, particularly if you're living in Texas
         - A member of a Texas wine club
         - Interested in getting into the Texas wine industry
         - A server of Texas-grown wine in a restaurant, retail, or tasting room setting
         - A supervisor, manager, or beverage manager of a program that sells Texas-grown wine
         - A professional in Texas wine marketing, social media, and business
         - A judge of a wine competition
         - A member of a Texas wine industry group
         - Looking for a fun class about something new
  • Cancellations and Refund Policies

    Course transfers can be made up to 15 days before the course start date on payment of a $50 administrative fee plus the cost of any additional study materials, which may be required upon course transfer. Course transfers may not be able to be carried forward to a subsequent academic year. Any requests for transfers must be sent in writing via email kelseykr@williamchriswines.com and to info@hcwineacademy.com.

    Student Cancellations
    Students who cancel within 14 business days of registration, and at least 14 business days before the start of the course will receive a full refund of payment minus a $50 non-refundable registration fee, providing any student-received course materials are returned unmarked. Cancellations after this time will forfeit all payments made. Any cancellation requests must be sent via email to: kelseykr@williamchriswines.com and info@hcwineacademy.com.

    Cancellations by the Hill Country Wine Academy
    The Hill Country Wine Academy reserves the right to cancel any class session or exam and will strive to do so within 48 hours of the beginning of the class session or exam whenever possible. Upon cancellation, all students will be immediately notified. If any candidate is not able to attend the session once it is rescheduled, the student will be considered for a full refund if a suitable alternative is not able to be found.
  • Reasonable Accommodation in the Classroom

    The Hill Country Wine Academy seeks to make wine education accessible to all regardless of special needs or requirements. During enrollment, students should utilize the appropriate section on the enrollment form to denote special requirements and/or disabilities, or communicate via email with the Education Director at: kelseykr@williamchriswines.com. The Education Director will discuss potential accommodations with the student and together assess which education accommodations are preferred while maintaining a fair and equal learning environment for all.

    Examples of reasonable accommodations in the classroom are:
    - Classroom located on the main floor and as such, has sufficient ADA access
    - Certified assistance animals are allowed on the premises
    - For those with visual impairments, students can be placed in the front of the room, and all electronic visual aids available on an additional laptop for viewing
    - For those with auditory impairments, students can be placed in the front of the room and recording and/or amplification devices may be utilized to assist with material delivery

    For those with learning disabilities, the main contact and educator will meet with the student to determine what modifications can be employed to address these needs.